Staff training for your partitions

If you’d like to train your staff to operate a sliding partition correctly and safely, BMP Services offer professional training.

Safeguard your staff with our training

Improper operation of a sliding partition can lead to damage and potential hazards. We provide partition training for employees to prevent any possible accidents. Following our partition training, your staff should adhere to the safe usage instructions to ensure the proper maintenance of your sliding partition. Feel free to reach out to us for additional details. Why not contact us to schedule a partition training session?

Training & On-site visits

We provide on-site training services to all our employees, including hands-on instruction. Our staff is also trained in the daily operation of partitions. Additionally, our experts demonstrate and provide guidance on the essential safety precautions to be observed when handling partitions.

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We will instruct your staff to maintain your sliding partition effectively and ensure its safe use. Alongside partition training, we provide servicing, repair, and maintenance services for clients.

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